From a Swiss precision watch to a unique timepiece

To produce the unique mechanical timepieces, Jochen Benzinger uses contemporary high class Swiss movements.  All calibers are carefully and in loving and sophisticated craftsmanship modified and refined. Thank to the skeletonization the beautiful decorative components are visible. Engraved decorations, flame blued screws, Sterling silver dial with original Breguet frosting are hand made by the expert because only the professional work guarantees the desired high quality and precision. The mechanical premium Swiss movements selected by Jochen Benzinger ensure  lasting pleasure and high reliability for many years.

Hand created watches

Guilloché is the evolution of the royal craft known as ornamental turnery. From these turning lathes watch artists developed beautiful guilloché machines the likes of which Abraham-Louis Breguet also cut his uniquely characteristic dials. Dials guilloché by hand remain unsurpassed in terms of their noble appearance to this day; this rare, historically meaningful art form can be found in all work done by Jochen Benzinger.

Engraving is an art form that is as old as mankind itself. Since the first humans discovered that stones could be used as cutting instruments, they have been used to decorate jewelry and objects needed for daily use. The evolution of engraving thus began in a time prior to our conscious collective memory. Albrecht Dürer helped the art form to a new heyday in the sixteenth century with his copperplate etchings and wood carvings. Using the same tools as Dürer, Jochen Benzinger as one of the few specialists of the art of engraving creates hand-embellished masterpieces with an historical soul.

Skeletonization is a method of decoration that lends “closed” watch movements a new and more individualized character. Parts of the movement are removed using a goldsmith's saw, allowing a direct view into and through the mechanical movement. A view of each of the movements is made possible thanks to a sapphire crystal case back. Jochen Benzinger's creative energy thus receives an obvious transparency and his superlative craft practiced by hand is revealed to the observer in all its perfect glory.