Jochen Benzinger

Historical handcraft in the 21st century
Unique timepieces engraved, skeletonized and guilloché by hand.

Jochen Benzinger's craftsmanship is in great demand among prestigious Swiss brands within the watch industry for special and limited editions. Today he furthermore creates and builds his own strictly limited and exclusive collection of unique timepieces for selected jewellers worldwide. He creates form high end mechanical Swiss watches unparalleled unique wrist watches. This web site gives an insight into his work and describes his virtually peerless gift.

Jochen Benzinger, a contemporary craftsman of a very special kind, and his perfectly and uniquely hand-finished watches and skeletonized timepieces tell stories from another time of a craft practiced by hand, one almost completely forgotten. Watches and movements engraved, skeletonized, and guilloché by hand are the result of his independent art.

Jochen Benzinger sets himself apart from the norms of modern production, allowing himself the freedom of utilizing historically meaningful machines and tools more than a century old in order to create true works of art. Hours upon hours pass by before his work has taken its characteristic form - a form that can only be achieved in a hand-created, one-of-a kind piece.

The Benzinger workshop is located in Pforzheim, Germany. For his unique watches, Jochen Benzinger uses high class Swiss movements. Benzinger’s unique timepieces are the perfect symbiosis of Swiss perfection and his outstanding craftsmanship.