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3/4 Skeleton, in high grade steel, 1 year old, like new, 2 years guarantee, now € 7135.-- instead of € 7927.--
3/4 Skeleton rose engine in high grade steel, 2012, like new, 2 years guarantee, now € 6840.-- instead of € 7596.-- the collection
Regulateur black in high grade steel, from stock, 2 years guarantee, like new, now € 8430.-- instead of € 9364.--
full skeleton floral in high grade steel, worn for 1 year, like new, 2 years guarantee, now € 7595.-- insteas of € 8436.--
Black T II 24 hours in rose gold, 1 year worn, like new, 2 years guarantee, now € 19990.-- instead of € 22684.--


Luxury watches and "Swiss made" are so to the peak synonyms. Benzinger unique timepieces are the symbioses of Swiss precision and German artwork. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of unique watches – or rather – pieces of art, which have been created by Jochen Benzinger. Appreciate what it means to spend many hours gradually turning a normal chronometer into an elegant unique watch. Follow your imagination and add your own ideas. We take care of your personal requirements in order to manufacture a highly individual piece of jewellery made especially for your wrist – a unique timepiece that will not only maintain but increase its value.

BENwatches is a Swiss company and a sales partner of Benzinger. A close partnership and friendship with Jochen Benzinger allows us to guarantee utter satisfaction both before and after your purchase of this elegant piece. Simply contact us!

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From a Swiss watch to a Benzinger unique timepiece - the video