Buy safely

To say it in advance: it is certainly appropriate to have a good sense of distrust towards all offers of luxury watches in the internet. So we can fully understand that you want to know exactly who is behind BENZINGER and

The reason why these precious BENZINGER watches are disributed via internet:

Jochen Benziner

BENZINGER is a small manufacturer of precious unique timepieces without a big international marketing department. The internet gives us the chance to get in contact with watch lovers and connoisseurs worldwide. This is why we cooperate over a long period with our partner for the distribution.

With the purchase of a BENZINGER unique timepiece you always receive a hand written letter from Mr. Jochen Benzinger; a guarantee for the original.   

Worldwide shipping

Marcel Kuriger is a registered company in Switzerland. We maintain a profound partner- and friendship with Jochen Benzinger. So we stay in direct contact with the manufacturer of BENZINGER unique timepieces in Pforzheim.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail or phone (see Contact). We would be pleased to put you in direct touch with Jochen Benzinger personally. You will get the good feeling to know with whom you are dealing with.

It would also be a pleasure to send you references of satisfied customers.

BENwatches has in many countries partners, who are able to hand out your watch (including personal guarantee letter and Box) personally. This gives you even more  security.