Roman Numerals Hand Skeletonized


The hand-skeletonized Roman numerals of the rose gold-plated upper dial distinguish this model of the Subscription series from any other watch. The hour/minute shifted towards 12, flame-blued Breguet steel hands and a hand-stitched brown alligator leather strap enhance the beauty of the whole.

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Benzinger watch subscription 3 ArtDeco front view
Hand engraved - Hand guilloche - Hand skeletonized !
Benzinger Watch Subscription 3 ArtDeco Backside


Craftmanship in Details

Technical Data



Sterling Silber handguilloched & hand-skeletonized
Ground dial: ray guilloche pattern
Top dial: Rosegold
hand-skeletonized Roman numerals



Hand-guilloched & hand-skeletonized 




ETA 6498 manual winding movement
Inhouse Regulator redesign
Shifted hour and minute indication
Swan neck fine regulation
Flame-blued screws



flame-blued steel hands in Breguet style 




Hand-sewed brown aligator leather strap with light brown stitches
Folding clasp / Buckle
Screwed-in strap lugs 



High-grade steel case made in Pforzheim
Handmade crown
Diameter of 42 mm
Sapphire crystal on both sides





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